Defective Products


Defective products nationwide injure and kill thousands of consumers and bystanders each year in the United States. Products liability, which is proving that a manufactured product is dangerous or defective, and requires legal and litigation skills above and beyond the average personal injury attorney. These cases require experts across the country, capital funding and attorneys experienced in engineering, chemical and other areas of scientific endeavors.

Product’s liability cases which can cause brain injury, can involve the following products:


  • Seat belt failure – improperly latched seatbelt can come undone during a car accident resulting in brain injury or death of an occupant who otherwise might have likely lived and been uninjured. If a person who always wears their seatbelt is found ejected from an automobile after a car accident, seatbelt failure should be investigated.
  • Crash worthiness – automobiles, especially the roof of an automobile may have been built so that they fail to withstand a normal crash or rollover. A roof that fails can result in death or brain injury to the occupants.
  • Tire blowout – millions of tires have been recalled in the past ten-years due to manufacturing flaws. The most common failure in steel-belted radial tires is tread-belt separation. The Firestone and Ford vehicle tires were commonly found with this problem. Other ways in which a tire can be defective include debeading and zipper failure.
    If a tire failure or blowout is suspected in your motor vehicle accident, immediate action is required. Often a vehicle involved in a car accident will be crushed within a month or two after the accident and crucial evidence will no longer be available for purposes of a lawsuit, if proper steps are not taken.
  • Recall Issues – many other parts of automobiles sold in the United States can be found to be defective. After such vehicle parts have been identified as dangerous and defective, a “recall” will occur whereby owners of such defective automobiles are requested to return the vehicles for repair. If a brain injury occurs because of a part that has been recalled, immediate action must be taken.


Medical productions of all kinds, from Guidant heart products, to improperly marketed or developed drugs, can cause serious brain injury in innocent consumers.

Please call us if you have been injured by any defective medical devise or mediation including but not limited to the following:

  • Fentanyl – has been linked to overdose to an alarming degree in people who are prescribed the patch. In addition, the lollipop form of fentanyl has been under scrutiny because of the highly addictive nature of Actiq.
  • Madtronic Defibrillator – Medtronic reports that the device can fracture after implantation, delivering a painful and potentially deadly electrical jolt to the patient.
  • Trasylol – use linked to increased risk of death, kidney or renal failure, heart attacks, strokes and encephalopathy among heart surgery patients. There may have been approximately 22,000 deaths.
  • Shoulder pain pumps – have been linked to the development of a rare condition which causes the progressive destruction of cartilage in the shoulder joint, resulting in permanent pain.
  • Total BodyR formula – FDA officials found hazardous levels of selenium in the supplements, 200 times the amount of selenium indicated on the labels of the products.
  • OrthroEvra Contraceptive Patch – failed to disclose that the side effects and risks of blood clots, stroke or heart attack are greater than from taking a pill.Paxil – pregnant women taking this medication were 1½ to 2 times more likely to give birth to a child with a heart defect.
  • Chantix – linked to increased risk of suicides and aggressive and erratic behavior.
  • Heparin – hundreds of people were experiencing allergic reactions.
  • Digitex – this heart medication was recalled because it causes toxicity in renal-failure patients because the tablet may have contain double the dose than required.Icy Hot – a recall of its heat therapy-products due to report of burn injuries.
  • MRI – kidney failure – the gadolinium based contrast agents cause kidney failure in some patients.
  • Prozac – when given to pregnant women late into the pregnancy, can cause serious birth defects.
  • Hip & Knee Replacements – the technique known as gamma irradiation in air to sterilize the devises (hip and knee prostheses) may cause the healthy bone to decay once implanted
  • Avandia – used for type 2 diabetes has a possible side effect of heart failure or other problems.