Car Accidents


  1. Do you have photographs of the accident scene?
  2. Has anyone measured skid marks or taken any other crucial measurements? Unless a fatality occurred, often police departments will not take measurements or take photographs.
  3. Do you have quality photographs of your injury?
  4. Was the person who hit you an over-served drunk or had an under-aged person purchased alcohol and become DUI?
  5. If you were hit by a commercial vehicle, was the vehicle properly maintained?
  6. Who were the best medical specialists in my area to begin my treatment with? (Physicians in rural areas often are not familiar with brain injury complaints and can get the treatment off to a bad start).
  7. Does an application for social security disability need to be make on behalf of the injured party?
  8. What available insurance is in place to begin to pay medical bills or to pay for my damages? Is there uninsured motorist coverage available?
  9. Was there a defective vehicle part that caused the accident or injury? Has it been properly preserved?
  10. Was there any witnesses to the accident? How do I find them and get their statements?